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I had a post...thank God it wasn't big. But when I went to put a photo and then decided to edit the size I shrunk it to I had to allow pop-ups...well it decided to blink and all my post went away. LAME.


I might be getting a job at the library. I've been volunteering here since I was like, 13 so I might as well get paid for it.

Bones returns in 6 days! I am sooo excited! I can barely contain myself! And yay!Emily is going to be on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. I love him. Sara wants me to accept him..and Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs...which I was actually just watching..) but to keep my people 2 girls to every 1 guy I need to accept 10 girls. If I acept them tht'd mean I need 14 girls. Do I even know 14 other girls?! I mean, that Sara hasn't already accepted? I don't think I do.

Private Practice premieres in one week!!! I have been totally digging Kate Walsh recently. And since TNT apparently stopped airing repeats of Judging Amy (when did that happen!?) that's where I'll be getting my Amy Brenneman fix as well.

SVU is also back on the 25th. YAY!MARISKA! She totally should have won the Emmy. DAMN YOU SALLY FIELD!!!

Blood Ties comes back on October 12th! Although, I still don't know when the marathon is going to be. But YAY!SQUEE! Christina is...wait...spoiler...

...going to be on the 5th episode of Bones this season!!!! AHHH!!!!! *is going to die from the combined hotness of Emily and Christina*. Like, whoa:

[x] Credit where credit is due; 206_bones and qfemale .

A few days ago I went and got my Stardust stand-up. For those who went the movie theater while Stardust was running...I'm talking about the HUGE display thing. Anywho...it's like at least 10 feet tall. My house is sooo not 10 feet tall. I thought maybe I could lean it off the wall...but it sticks out from the wall...like 5 feet. it's MASSIVE. I ended up takin git apart again...and since Michelle is only on the top half..and it doesn't cut anybody in half I'm just going to hang the top half above my bed until I have a house with tall ceilings. But, wow....it's PURDY.

The last 2 nights I've had these GREAT Bones dreams...I really need to work on another fanfiction...

The first one was like...Booth had a twin...that he didn't know about...and he just like, popped into town. Long story short..I only have like 2 minutes left on my time...the "twin" ended up seducing Brennan...but it was Booth we found out at the end. Nice.

The other was like, Brennan gets kidnapped and has amnesia and only remembers people's names but not her relationship with them. But she tells Angela that she feels like she and her were close and feels like her and Booth had something...something more than just friends. Angela is vague and doesn't really tell her that they didn't and the doctor tells Booth to just let her memory come back on it's own...don't try to influence it or anything. And..blah blah...she kinda puts the moves on him...he doesn't resist...good times.

I'm thinking I'm going to manipulate the second one to work a bit better with their personalities...and make Brennan even more less like herself...if it's amnesia then why can't we go waaaaaay out of the box right?

Ok, so I'm getting more time on the comp. I love when this happens.

So, my Dad went before the probation board thing today. He is only the second person ever in this region to complete his AA/Probation stuff without a single slip-up. Go Dad! He's going before the judge like, a week from Monday so he can see how great my Dad is doing. :-D Yay! 

Man, I miss Sara. 


We haven't been able to hang out very much at all since I left. In fact we only saw eachother the day after for a bit when we went to Redding and then the couple times she came over to give me something or get something from me. I still don't have a regular phone so we can't talk either. And she's not on AIM otherwise I'd be talking to her right now. :-( *sad*

I'm a bit obsessed with this song.

YouTube Video of the Day

Potential Breakup Song---Aly & AJ


Sep. 21st, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)
lol. right now i'm transfering all my fics to one notevook...lots and lots or rewriting but once i get that done i have 2 or possibly 3 bones fics in the mix. i'm excited to get started on this one! i think it could turn out pretty cool. :) hopefully i'll be able to post soon! :D


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