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Join this Facebook Group!

Repost from December 19, 2009:

Everyone should go here and join. "1,000,000 to join my dad John Mellencamp will quit smoking".


What is a Heartmonger?

Repost from December 16, 2009:

Saw this posted on the Heart fanclub forum and thought it was quite adorable:

I am a heart fan, thus making me a connoisseur of the finest that rock music has to offer, and willingness to share it with thy unfortunate that have never had the pleasure of experiencing Heart live. All the while being kind and courteous to the camp and fellow Mongers.(No stomping on toes). Ok Unless its on accident while dancing in the line for the bathroom. (dance moves change there). A good human and a mercenary of peace and love, my reward a HEART THAT ROCKS!! Like know other. (And really good seats at the concerts)

Credit to: bellma

Shout if you are a Heartmonger too! :D


All You Need is Love...and [HEART]

Repost from November 5, 2009:

Yay! My new community is up!!! Dedicated to the ever-lovely Nancy Wilson of Heart. I promise to be better dear community. I will not neglect you. At least I will try not to. Please join! :D




New header! That I made. Wow. Photoshop and I have reunited. And it feels soooo good. :P


You Could Never Break My [HEART]


Photoshop HELP!

Beautiful icon/graphic making friends, it has been a long time since I have had access to photoshop and I went to buy it the other day but I am not sure which to get. Is the newest one, Photoshop Elements 8 the best one? Or is Elements different from the older ones but not as advanced? Which version do you recommend? Any information would be lovely. :)


Show Me a Little [HEART]

Nancy Wilson's handprints from The Rock Walk, in LA.


When I was 15 I put my hands into her handprints and discovered that they were the same size. Up until then I had been discouraged when trying to play guitar, my hands are very small, but finding out that Nancy Wilson "whiz fingers", "hands of granite" had little hands too, I knew then that I too could ROCK.IT.OUT. :) <3s.


Your Eyes Say Yes, But You Don't Say Yes

Still not posting for real because I am lame. But that's okay because today I come bareing beautiful gifts.

Stevie Nicks HQ Picture Post



+55 @[info]plaidflowers


Screaming Under My Breath

Ugh. Life is boring.

Sara and I went to the Redding mall over the weekend. But we had no money. Lol. 

I've seen the first 5 season of Gilmore Girls now and we're a couple into season 6. I am LOVING the Luke/Lorelai moments oh so very much. They are so beautiful together. *Sigh*

Challenge 5 at [info]heartsgowander has been extended again. I've had one person enter a video. :( Videos are due Monday, April 7th. Enter here.

Photo of the Day
Your Semi-Daily Dose of Hotness

Bret [Needs to Sex Me] Michaels

All for now.


Oh How I Thirst For You...


I have barely any time to post but I just wanted to say YAY!Bones! Oh! and mention how much my Mom is digging Bones. I've shown her "The Killer in the Concrete", "Pilot", "Two Bodies in the Lab" and "The Man in the SUV" so far and she is soooo shipping Booth and Brennan!!! NICE!!!! And she finally admitted that David is adorable! Lol. She's always liked Emily. But it is nice to hear gush about how cute she is. She's becoming a mini-me...except bigger. Hahaha. Tonight we're going to watch "The Boy in a Tree" and maybe "A Boy in a Bush".



I had a post...thank God it wasn't big. But when I went to put a photo and then decided to edit the size I shrunk it to I had to allow pop-ups...well it decided to blink and all my post went away. LAME.


I might be getting a job at the library. I've been volunteering here since I was like, 13 so I might as well get paid for it.

Bones returns in 6 days! I am sooo excited! I can barely contain myself! And yay!Emily is going to be on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. I love him. Sara wants me to accept him..and Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs...which I was actually just watching..) but to keep my people 2 girls to every 1 guy I need to accept 10 girls. If I acept them tht'd mean I need 14 girls. Do I even know 14 other girls?! I mean, that Sara hasn't already accepted? I don't think I do.

Private Practice premieres in one week!!! I have been totally digging Kate Walsh recently. And since TNT apparently stopped airing repeats of Judging Amy (when did that happen!?) that's where I'll be getting my Amy Brenneman fix as well.

SVU is also back on the 25th. YAY!MARISKA! She totally should have won the Emmy. DAMN YOU SALLY FIELD!!!

Blood Ties comes back on October 12th! Although, I still don't know when the marathon is going to be. But YAY!SQUEE! Christina is...wait...spoiler...

A few days ago I went and got my Stardust stand-up. For those who went the movie theater while Stardust was running...I'm talking about the HUGE display thing. Anywho...it's like at least 10 feet tall. My house is sooo not 10 feet tall. I thought maybe I could lean it off the wall...but it sticks out from the wall...like 5 feet. it's MASSIVE. I ended up takin git apart again...and since Michelle is only on the top half..and it doesn't cut anybody in half I'm just going to hang the top half above my bed until I have a house with tall ceilings. But, wow....it's PURDY.

The last 2 nights I've had these GREAT Bones dreams...I really need to work on another fanfiction...

Ok, so I'm getting more time on the comp. I love when this happens.

So, my Dad went before the probation board thing today. He is only the second person ever in this region to complete his AA/Probation stuff without a single slip-up. Go Dad! He's going before the judge like, a week from Monday so he can see how great my Dad is doing. :-D Yay! 

Man, I miss Sara. 


We haven't been able to hang out very much at all since I left. In fact we only saw eachother the day after for a bit when we went to Redding and then the couple times she came over to give me something or get something from me. I still don't have a regular phone so we can't talk either. And she's not on AIM otherwise I'd be talking to her right now. :-( *sad*

I'm a bit obsessed with this song.

YouTube Video of the Day

Potential Breakup Song---Aly & AJ

The Chemicals Between Us

So many things to squee and squeal about....could I possibly have enough time!?!?

Ok...quickyl...the RL stuff. I moved into my new house last night! YAY! I'd never seen the inside of it until then. Lol. Laney and my Mom had been there for a while but my bed was inaccessible. 

One GGRRR note...we have a nice big screeen TV that was given to us but I couldn't figure out how to correctly hook up the VCR in the 15 minutes I had between waking up and JAG starting this morning so alas I was unable to record "In Country" and "The Promised Land" which of course were EXCELLENT. :\ But I at least got to see them which is better than not. I think I figured out the problem though. There's the regular cable that goes into the TV so we have cable..well goes in the VCR but we need this other plug to go from the TV to the VCR. At least that's how my old set-up was....anywhoselbees...I hope *fingers crossed* I can get it working tonight so I can get the JAGs tomorrow morning and all the mornings after. 

Ok...now for the better stuff. The stuff we actually care about. :P


Wow. That was about as ramble-y as it gets. 

But I must be going now. I have many things to do. Unfortunately until I get a schedule going with when I can get to the library, my challenges are going to be a bit off for the time being. 

All for now.


I've extended 4 of my challenges for another week. Icons are now due on Friday, September 14th. Please enter guys! :-D

Challenge 1 can be found here at

Challenge 1 can be found here atemilystillness.
Challenge 4 can be found here atheartsgowander.
Challenge 1 can be found here athennessystills.
And don't forget to enter Challenge 6 here atcatherinestills. We have 33 gorgeous entries so far! Icons are due Sunday [the 9th] night.

And hey Gilmore Girls/Alexis Bledel fans PLEASE check our Sara's Alexis Bledel Stillness community over yonder >>>bledelstillness. Icons are due Friday, September 14th as well.

Challenge 4 is using scans from Mean Magazine and can be found here.

All for now. Oh! I have a new layout which I am pretty found of. The header took me ages but I like how it came out. I'm contimplating whether or not I should go down to a basic to get rid of the ad and have the white page come up when using an LJ cut....



Quick, quick, quick. I am being quick.



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