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Holy hell, I need this Quick & Simple magazine pronto:

*Boggles the pretteh* The word gorgeous just doesn't do her justice. *Sigh*


Woo! we got 31 entries for Challenge 5 at

catherinestills! YAY! I got the voting up for that and the next challenge is also up. And I still don't have any entries on all the other challenges I put up, so Emily, Kim, and Jill fans..and video makers..please go enter! :-D


All for now.


Who was a good kid today? Oh that would be me. Not only did I get my first Emily challenge going I also got one going at Delaney Stills, Hennessy Stills and Hearts Go Wander. Go me!

  • Challenge 1 is up here at emilystillness.
  • Challenge 1 is up here at delaneystills.
  • Challenge 1 is up here at hennessystills.
  • Challenge 4 is up here at heartsgowander. Yes I brought the oh so pathetic video challenge back even though I only had 2 people leave a comment saying they were interested in participating. Challenge 4 has some great songs and is open to any show/shipper couple so, my lovely video making friends...please go enter! :D
  • Don't forget to VOTE for Challenge 4 here at catherinestills.
  • Enter Challenge 5 here at catherinestills. Challenge ends on Sunday and we only had one person enter so far! :(

I also redid my userpics. They are much more fair now. :)

All for now. Toodles~~~


If Looks Could Kill...

Being this gorgeous is just....criminal.

And I'm not talking about Chris Sarandon. Lol. Guh. Catherine's beauty just blows my mind.


That They Should Be Together...

No photographs have been taken of it yet but *jamona* guess what arrived yesterday? Oh yeah, that would be muh Catherine Bell autograph. Hells. Yeah. It was supposed to be an 8x10 photo but it ended up being a "Guide to Happiness" booklet with a little letter but I framed them together anyway. Lol. I think once we move into the duplex I'll send anoter stamped envelope with Laney's name and hope for a picture-picture. But still, *squee* she touched the very booklet I now own. Huzza.

Speaking of pictures, these were taken on August 1st, but I didn't upload them until 2 minutes ago. Sara and I were in the front room while her parents were at the casino and I was playing Spyro and listening to INXS in a portable DVD player..and eating a tuna sandwich, while she watched House of Wax. We brought out some framed things and she took some pictures.

I believe on Sunday Sara and I are going to take our big fandom pictures again. See the old ones? Now that Catherine poster has arrived and the autograph (*squee*) we can take the new ones.

News! deschanel_hushhas now become emilystillness. The first challenge should be up soon after I get the main graphic done.

All for now.


Conspiracy Theory Number 343

My  community michelle_mafiais now officially up and running with 3 count'em 3 posts! So, Michelle fans, come join! :-D

On a slightly separate and super quick note, I got to see Still Small Voices yesterday. And, yeah, *completely biased* but I'm fairly 100% certain it was the best Lifeitme movie I've seen. Holy mole-y. Next time I have time to make an actual real post I will rant, like a beast. :P


The "Help Post"

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding any of my communities please post them here. 

Leave a comment like so:

Subject: "Enter Name of Community Here"---"Enter Problem Here"

[Ex: Beloved Bell---Posting My Wallpapers]

And then explain your question or suggestion in the comment box. Your question/suggestion will be addressed as soon as possible.


The "Affiliates Post"

If you would like to affiliate with me (me meaning ALL of my communities) please comment here. When I see that you have commented I will add you as an affiliate to all of my communites as quickly as possible. You may add as many or as few of my communities as you like to your affiliates list. :-D


Updates, Reminders, etc.

Challenge 5 is now up at catherinestills. Find it here. It also has a new layout. The bg and such are still being edited but there's a new graphic if anyone's interested. :)

Challenge 4 voting is up here. We had 17 entries this challenge! The most we've ever had! Yay! :-D

New communities (or at least newly functioning communities...functioning meaning they have a graphic :P):

There might be others..I know...dear Lord who has this many communities? I may have a Gabby Anwar one and a Kate Walsh one in the works as well. At least with fan communities I'm not the one posting everything. Most of these were not planned; they were made because when I went to search for these people, there were either no fan communities/stillness communities dedicated to them or there just weren't any good ones; good ones meaning frequently updated and with lots of participating members who post news or enter challenges, etc. And well, I basically made the Catherine Bell one because she was feeling left out of all the fun my other girls were having. Lol. Hope to see you guys in the new comms! :-D

On a different note. Army Wives Finale was tonight. I literally bawled all the way through it. I don't know what came over me. It was a bit crazy. Like, sobbing crazy. I cry far too easily.

Still Small Voices is tomorrow *squee!!!* I don't think I'll make it but I wanted to see the Army Wives Finale, stay up for JAG at 4am and 5am and then stay up all the way through to SSV which is airing at about 5pm. Because it would be cool to see 3 different Catherine things in one length of being awake. Lol. I might be going to Redding with Sara and her Mom tomorrow...which may (emphasis on the may) mean I'm getting JAG Season 4 tomorrow...so maybe I will make it. Well, I must be going. I'm making more headers for some of the above communities and redoing the Pfeiffer Contest one because I posted it and now I don't like it. Althought I am pretty proud of this one:

Sara [luridprophecies] came up with the idea of replacing the "BANG" with the title. Go Sara. *High fives*. I mean, it's simple but she's so gorgeous and it only took me like, 8 minutes. Haha. Whilst some of the others I made *cough*Angie Addicts*cough* took me like 4 hours. Yeah. 4 hours. FOUR. HOURS. That's what I get for being the pickiest Photoshop user ever. Ok. All for now. :)



Reminders, etc...

Challenge 4 is up here at catherinestills.

Winners for Challenge 3 have been announced here at catherinestills.

I created 2 new communities. 

jill_junkies---For fans of Jill Hennessy
michelle_mafia---For fans of Michelle Pfeiffer

I think I'm done with the community making. Hopefully.....:P


New icons!

[001-006] Charisma Carpenter (((#006 is a repeat of #005 but when I try to fix it the internet quits... :?)))
[007-012] Emily Deschanel
[013-018] Jaime Pressly
[019-038] Michelle Pfeiffer
[039-042] Debra Messing





Make Time Stop for the Two of Us

GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRr I couldn't get on to wish Catherine a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Lame. I watched 5 eps of Army Wives though...almost 6 but then I passed out. Lol.

So until a few days ago there was not a single Michelle Pfeiffer icontest (yes, I was shocked too)....so yeah, I created one. Lol. Yes. Another challenge for me to neglect. Only hopefully not.


First challenge to be up soon!

I also created:

hennessystills---Jill Hennessy Stillness
gershonstills---Gina Gershon Stillness

Speaking of Gina....Sara and I watched her ep of Crossing Jordan today. I forgot how awesome and gorgeous she was in it. Good times.


I can't WAIT to get this Esquire:



And wow! Emily wants some attention:

woooza!Gorgeous much?!

YYAAAARRRRRRRR! Still Small Voices is going to be on Lifetime Movie Network on the 27th at like 8:00pm EST and on the 28th around 9:00am EST...I think...I get it at 5:00pm but Sara has New York time..we're in California..I don't know when it actually airs but the dates are correct! I am SOOOOOO excited I think I busted a brain casket. :P 

But *tears* only 2 Army Wives  left. I am sad. :-( 

No time to ramble now but I will say that the Army Wives on Sunday was AGAIN sooo fantastic and so heartbreaking. Will it ever stop making me cry like I'm 4? I doubt it.

I accepted Brigid the other day....and Drew Fuller...yesterday. I now have the 4 main girls and one of the husbands...lol. Now I'm going after the Kim, Sally, and Brigid banner/posters that match the Catherine one that STILL hasn't arrived. Gr. :\ I would be able to put one up on all 4 of my walls. How cool. :-D


Also, I just made like, 44 icons in 2 hours but the computer is being lame and bauble died so I can't post until tomorrow when we're hopefully going to the librray. I need to print like a beast. Catherine wants attention (wel..she always does :-D) and Kim and Michelle....Angie Harmon...Gina...lots and lots of my girls. I cut out like almost 200 pictures over the last 2 days. Nice. Today..well..yesterday..the 15th was Debra Messing's Birthday. I watched a Will & Grace and then the S6 Themed Featurettes and Bloopers and an eency bit of another WaG. I plan to watch more later. Celebrating late but still...what can you do? I'm also planning on watching the rest of the Army Wives I have to tape...I watched the first 5 in order and then I'm watching the rest minus "Only the Lonely" because the tape it was died and it hasn't replayed yet. Luckily I have all the others and all the Catherine interviews were still on the DVR when it died or I would died along with it. Ok I'm sleeping..I really am....got to work more in the storage tomorrow..yay..more back problems to come. :\

'Tis all for now.


Eat the Cancer When You Turn Black

I am officially the WORST co-mod in the world. I have left _yourbestbet_with the lilah_stillnesscommunity. *BAD* But she's rockin' it out and keeping it going but it needs some SERIOUS promoting so...

Please eneter Challenge 8---To Shanshu in LA here.


Modus Operandi

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